Friday, February 28, 2014


word is viccos finest glasser has his sights on the northern points.
Seans glassing is some of the finest ive seen, distingushed by style, inventiveness and a pure creativity. He'll be missed.

(thanks for the advice, my glassing did improve, marginally.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


...are the best time of the day. I'm usually glad when autumn rolls round, for lots of reasons, the crowds thin, its easier to be the first one in the water, much easier to be up and about for "that" moment when the light is just right...and that moment seems to last a little longer. The summer bleaches the colour of out things, which has its own beauty, but one I never seem to capture all that well.
Maybe its becuase im from the northern hemisphere, but i capture darkness better than light...i like cold waves/water/wetsuits, feels more real to me. this

(a summer shot, so it goes, but makes me look forward to autumn.)

singles fly better


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